Move Over Diamonds! Crystals are a Girl’s Best Friend!

Swarovski recently released a new retail design for their store in London and are also set to reveal a new “crystal forest” design for their flagship store in Japan later this month.

In London, Virgile & Stone came up with the design to highlight the new product brand of loose crystal and Schloegl & Suess saw this design come to fruition. Meet Crystallized! According to Frame Magazine, Swarvoski wanted an interactive, creative, ground-breaking retail concept. Virgile & Stone answered these requests by creating a lounge and new retail section called Cosmos.

Cosmos makes it easy for one to find the exact crystal that best suits them. Computers aide in this as they will help the customer determine which crystal best them by taking into account the customer’s face shape, skin and hair coloring. The loose crystals are organized on the walls by color in clear containers and is further highlighted by the use of white space. See picture below (taken from


The lounge is used for exhibitions and gatherings, and and one can read highlights and the latest news related to Swarovski as they sip on cocktails. See picture below.


Tokujin Yoshioka will reveal his new design for Swarovski at the end of March in Ginza, Japan. Little has been said about the design, since it has not been open to the public, but DesignBloom reports that “the shop features a facade covered in layers of mirrored stainless steel. Its sparkling appearance is intended to resemble a ‘crystal forest’ . The all white interior is filled with the reflected light from this crystal forest. The crystal theme is carried throughout the shop in the floor, chandeliers and stairs.” See Yoshioka’s design below (taken from DesignBloom).


DesignBloom and Swarovski are also holding a product design competition, “Crystal Vision.” Click here if you are interested.


3 responses to “Move Over Diamonds! Crystals are a Girl’s Best Friend!

  1. What a beautifully designed space! Now I just need to figure out how to get my hands on a pair of those shoes…

  2. It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also get knowledge, from these type of blog, nice entry. Thanks

  3. Crystals and diamond are girls favorite ornament. most of the girls like diamonds or crystals are one of the precious ornament and it is expensive to. As we all know that these gems are found in the coal mines and the diamond is the outcome of the coal. though it is very expensive still it is loved by all women in the world.

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