Bring the Clients to the Gondola

As some of you may know, our IIDA office recently received LEED Gold certification (view a slide show here). We are proud to be the first and only interior design association to achieve this honor, and we couldn’t be happier to present this office to our Members.

Just when I thought no one could trump our office, I stumbled across Google, Zurich! Have you ever had a meeting in a gondola? Or have you ever been told that your office will be located just outside the indoor forest? Well, if you said yes to any of these, you must be a Google insider who is accustomed to maneuvering around decorative penguins, snow, taxis, and bathtubs, and, yes, all of this is found inside!


Meeting Egg

The “pod” and small office design was created because the Zurich office is comprised of mostly engineers. These engineers work in teams of three to four, and the “pod” design lends itself to team meetings. According to BBC, the design was partly created by the employees of Google, but fails to mention what design firm undertook the project.


Gondola Meeting Room

Could you work in this office space? Would you want to go home or never leave?


Water Lounge


One response to “Bring the Clients to the Gondola

  1. These are very interesting and unique designs, well done.

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