Al Gore’s $300 Million Advertising Campaign

Al Gore is stepping up his fight against global warming, as he announces that $300 million will go to new advertising urging people to go to At “We Can Solve It,” people have the option of signing up to pledge their support to stopping/changing the patterns of global warming. Supporters apparently receive emails and opportunities to sign petitions and tools they can use to curb their environmentally harmful habits


The “We Can Solve It” campaign is being supported by the Alliance for Climate Change. Additionally, Al Gore commented in a Washington Post interview that he is also supporting the campaign financially by donating the proceeds from his book, “Inconvenient Truth,” his salary from Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers and several international prizes. This totals about $2.7 million.

You can view the organization’s first television ad here.

So, are you sick of Al Gore? Will you sign up to join “We Can Solve It?” Do you think the public will get sick of his advertising campaign, which is on its way to being the largest public advocacy campaign?


One response to “Al Gore’s $300 Million Advertising Campaign

  1. It amazes me that Gore gets as much credit as he does. “An Inconvenient Truth” does not have a single reference to a scientific source as far as I can tell. It doesn’t even have a table of contents or an index!!!

    Unlike Gore’s book, the following list of criticisms does provide references to peer reviewed journal articles, with links, in case the reader wants to acquire the originals

    1. Gores errors on Kilimanjaro

    2. Gore’s important omission of fact concerning the relationship between CO2 and temperature in the ice cores.

    3. Evidence that Gore’s claimed link between global warming and recent hurricane intensity or frequency is wildly off the mark.

    4. Gore’s claim that drought in Africa is caused by global warming is unsupportable.

    5. His alarmist fear that polar bears are about to meet their demise needs some scrutiny.

    Best regards,

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