Healthcare: Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta


Photo credit: Jim Roof Creative for all photos featured on this post

As interior designers, you know that design is not something featured on HGTV or Trading Spaces, but that your career can truly affect how people heal, age, and work among other things. It goes beyond splashing color on a wall and trying to appease your neighbors or Paige Davis.


Video Wall

Stanley, Beaman and Sears’ was recently featured in Interior and Sources magazine for their playful and uplifting design of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Interiors and Sources, draws comparisons to Walt Disney and Stanley, Beaman and Sears’ design choices for the pediatric facility.

The design features televisions positioned for a child’s eye-level, bright greens, oranges, and also calming blues. Adults and children both have comfortable places to relax while waiting for the doctor in plush couches and table and chairs. You can view the interior at SBS website.

And if your child is anxious to get a shot, take them to the Discovery Through Nature walls, located on each floor, to calm their nerves and to distract them. They may even think they are at a museum for a moment, as they can interact with many of the video and visual displays. Additionally, pictured above is the video wall, which has been proven to calm children awaiting surgery or other procedures which may spike anxiety.


Discovery Through Nature wall

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is ranked as the third best children’s hospital and is strictly nonprofit. According to Robin Kirkman, associate IIDA and senior designer for Stanley Beaman and Sears’, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta “wanted a design that would express their vision of excellence and reflect their high standard of healthcare. The interiors were designed to promote corporate branding, and also to provide staff and community with an expression of unrivaled healthcare for children of all ages.”

Do you think this design achieves this?


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