Earth Day is here!

Happy Earth Day everyone! I know the past couple days have had a focus on sustainability, and I promise we will dive back into interior design tomorrow.

I don’t think it gets much better than the New York Times Magazine’s latest issue.  They go through how you can live, eat, invent, act, learn, move and build a greener lifestyle.   I think their suggestions are great, in that they don’t get too into touting certain brands, but, rather, cover more broad questions we all have about living green.  One request though is that they print next year’s issue on recycled paper.  Have you noticed that most of these green issues (Vanity Fair, Time, NY Times Magazine…) aren’t following their own lead?

Additionally, I can’t help but wonder how much all of this green living is going to cost in the end?  Especially when it comes to eating green.  Beyond fruits and veggies, a stroll down the organic section at any grocery store leaves my wallet emptier than I had anticipated.  What are ways that you are living green and still living in the black? Are farmer’s markets an answer to high priced organic products?
Back to Earth Day! How are you celebrating?  Did you do something this weekend, or are you planning on getting into the spirit today? Click here to record your answer, which I will share in tomorrow’s blog post.


2 responses to “Earth Day is here!

  1. I agree, I frequent websites like Yahoo and Google, and all of their pages are green and have all of their banners changed to green. So I look around the site for ways that they are being green but, all they have are suggestions for “normal people” to be green.

  2. Just because it comes from the farmer market don’t make it organic. Ninety-nine percent of the stuff there is the same food that your local super market has.

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