Details Design School-Moscow

I am pleased to bring you images from the Details Design School in Moscow of their senior project presentations.  Read below for information and how you can view more images.  What are you and your fellow students undertaking for your senior projects this year? The summary and images were provided by Tanya at Details.

The tasks the graduates had to fulfill included, in particular: redrafting a plan of  an existing apartment (143m2) visual presentation of design on a room by room basis (Including sitting room, dining room, two bedrooms and a bathroom) Visual presentation could be a pencil drawing or a watercolour presentation board of materials suggested for decorating (floor and wall coverings, paints, fabric) presentation board of furniture, accessories and lighting prototypes.

The assignments included certain technical and esthetic parameters  to be observed. These pictures, in my view, give an idea of the volume of the graduation task. Based on our training experience the graduation project becomes for many the first page in their creative portfolios.  Click here and here for more images of the student projects.


One response to “Details Design School-Moscow

  1. Any furniture designers at the school?
    Seeking a contemporary furniture designer
    for new collaboration.
    Gregory A. Pitts

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