Pricier Postage…but Classier Designs?

Postage will now cost you 42 cents, but now you can send off your snail mail in style.

Check out the new postage you can purchase featuring Charles and Ray Eames’ furniture designs. The postage stamps include their signature, famous designs including: Eames lounge chair, Eames molded plywood chair, and the Eames hang it all. Click here for more of the Eames’ design and information.

This is what the USPS had to say about the Eames postage stamps:

In recognition of their groundbreaking contributions to architecture, furniture design, manufacturing and photographic arts, designers Charles and Ray Eames will be honored next summer with a pane of 16 stamps designed by Derry Noyes of Washington, DC. If you’ve ever sat in a stackable molded chair, you’ve experienced their creativity. Perhaps best known for their furniture, the Eameses were husband and wife as well as design partners. Their extraordinary body of creative work — which reflected the nation’s youthful and inventive outlook after World War II — also included architecture, films and exhibits. Without abandoning tradition, Charles and Ray Eames used new materials and technology to create high-quality products that addressed everyday problems and made modern design available to the American public.

Are their designs iconic? Will you buy these stamps?


2 responses to “Pricier Postage…but Classier Designs?

  1. oooh!!! I’ve been waiting for these to come out! Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. meble kalwaria

    Nice post keep it

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