35th Annual Interior Design Awards: Best of Competition


At our annual Gala, COOL, IIDA recognized the five winners of the 35th Annaul Interior Design Comeptition.


We are pleased to announce that Haus im Haus was chosen as the best of comeptition from among

the five winners. 


Read below for specifics on the project and how it was designed by Benisch Architekten of Germany.

The Haus im Haus addressed the chamber of commerce’s need to expand by 10,000 square feet that would be devoted to office, conference and public space. Did I mention that the building was built in 1841? The new design reveals three stacked boxes of polished stainless steel and transparent glass.

Catwalks are seen throughout and provide access to the new structure. LED panels light up the stainless-steel structural grids that form the floor of the structure’s topmost volume.
The open dining area sits on top of the volume of housing a permanent exhibition of the organization’s history.


One response to “35th Annual Interior Design Awards: Best of Competition

  1. competearound

    Very marvelous and very happy to see such a design.
    My Hearty congrats to the winner.

    Another chance to prove your talent. Here is the link where you can find more Architect contest. http://www.competearoundtheworld.com/architectural_and_architect_competition.php

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