Harrington Immersion Program

While most of us were busy with NeoCon the students at Harrington College of Design were not only busy trying to take in the show, but they were also making head-way on their class project: Harrington Immersion Program. Harrington student Sarah Reaume, Student IIDA, writes below of their experience thus far. Be sure to follow their progress on their own blog, as well!

In Their Own Words:

Collaborative Idea Wall

Harrington has acknowledged students ability to shape their own education by presenting one class with a very unique opportunity. 19 students in an Experimental Design class have taken on the challenge of designing AND executing a 5,000 square foot educational environment with only $600 and 2 months time. The educational space is destined for a class of incoming first-year students who will participate in Harrington’s first Immersion Program, an intensive and evolutionary approach to design education beginning this fall.

Before: Critique Room

Faced with an enormous challenge, each person in the class has contributed unique experiences and talents that extend the group’s capacity to transform the space. The collaborative effort has been extended via web presence that has documented progress every step of the way, opening the doors to outsider suggestion. Working with such a small budget has forced students to find creative ways of re-purposing pieces that would otherwise have found their way to a landfill. Furniture and building supply donations have been made from individuals all over Chicagoland in addition to various suppliers and interior design firms.

Before: Gallery

The future Immersion Program location features an entrance gallery, critique room, lounge, multiple quiet rooms, a kitchenette, drawing room, 3 drafting rooms, 2 teacher offices, a computer room, lecture room and multiple spaces for idea formation and collaborative work.

Before: Kitchen

The space is presently painted and partially furnished, with more furniture to be picked up and built this week. The entire project must be complete at the end of June, when the class presents their progress to the school’s board of directors. An opening reception is scheduled for the second week of July to showcase their hard work to all donors and supporters.

Again, don’t forget to check in on their progress via their blog and our blog, as well!


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