Ben Pender Water Fountain Design

In a recent New York Times article, “How Green is Your Brand?” journalist Allison Arieff highlights a recent design college graduate’s water fountain design for San Francisco.  Read an excerpt from the article below on how he found his inspiration for his thesis project:

“Benjamin Pender, while on a trip to Paris, noticed the frequent use and wonderful aesthetic of the ubiquitous cast-iron water fountains scattered along well-traveled sidewalks throughout the city (the sculptural Wallace Fountains were built and installed in 1875 out of concern for public health and safety).

Ben Pender rendering

Inspired, Pender came up with a modern version for his thesis project. Research led him to discover that there is not one public drinking fountain in San Francisco that’s not in a park or public building, and thus, there is no access to water for public consumption. In a city with an excellent reputation for its tap water, why not find a way to deliver it in a way that could make economic and environmental sense and look attractive?”

Taken from


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