Is it Just Me or is the Room Spinning?

If you plan to buy a condo at a cool $3 million in Dubai in 2010, you may be spinning.  No, you won’t be reeling because of the $3 million you just put down, but the new 80 story skyscraper, The Dynamic Tower, actually moves.

Each individual floor will have the ability to move and change the shape of the structure.   The architect, David Fisher, claims that the tower will never look the same, not once in a lifetime.

So how energy efficient is everything?  Well, surprisingly, it plans to be very efficient!  The eighty stories will rotate around a turbine which will then power the apartments and parts of the city’s electrical grid.


One response to “Is it Just Me or is the Room Spinning?

  1. Novel, but an unbelievably bad idea. There can only be exactly 1 unit/floor so residents won’t squabble over exposure as it rotates. Also, since the plan is not radially symmetrical, floors will cast shadows on floors beneath. Contrary to what is said here, I have read that the wind turbines would be installed horizontally, between floors, which makes much more sense (if it were in the center of the building, it would have no wind exposure). I also understand that solar panels will be used, though I am curious to see how they resolve azimuth and orientation problems in a largely vertical structure of variable exposure.

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