Art Institute of Colorado Comes to NeoCon!

The Campus Center board at the Art Institute of Colorado share their experience at NeoCon! Read their thoughts below:

With the thrill of NeoCon being as all-encompassing as anyone who hasn’t had the chance to attend could ever possibly imagine; we were literally kids in a candy store!

Board Outside Frank Lloyd Wright’s home, Oak Park

The 2008 IIDA Student Board of the Art Institute of Colorado is the first student organization of its kind to receive funding from AiColorado in order to attend a trade-related event. It was a tremendous accomplishment just to get to NeoCon, let alone see and do all that we were able to experience. Each of us feels that we took a little something away from the opportunity; whether it was understanding systems furniture, having a new appreciation for various kinds of surfaces and materials, or the feeling of having a whole new, completely different outlook on the possibilities that the industry allows.

Coalesse Showroom

Overall, the board agreed that NeoCon showcased the marriage of various programs across the board. We were amazed with the integration of graphic design and how each showroom was able to step-up their interior design with graphics and super images, while at the same time the technology and intricacy of the furnishings and materials really honed in on the industrial designers’ skill.

The chance to visit NeoCon allowed us all to grow a little as designers and as our outlook on the industry changes and becomes more mature we really hope to let our experience flood over and pour itself into our designs so that other students can be inspired and intrigued enough to make the extremely worth-while trek next year!”

Do you want to share your Campus Center or student group’s opinion, as well? Email me at to have your opportunity to do so!


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