A Treat for the Mouth and Eyes

Introducing, Snog, a frozen yogurt company which recently opened its first store in the U.K.  While snogging has a different term abroad, the yogurt company combined the words ‘snow’ and ‘yogurt’ to come up with the interesting name.

The interior of the store was created in part by Cinimod Studio who developed most of their lighting.  One of the most interesting features of the store is the ceiling.  A sky is projected above and can change as the “mood of the store changes.”  Below you can see the ceiling pictured with a sun and clouds.

When you are done looking at the ceiling you will notice a photographic glass floor with grass, as well as, English flowers featured on the surrounding walls.  The hope was that the interior would reflect a “never ending summer.”  What do you think?   Did they achieve this?  Are you looking forward to, as the store’s ads say, your first snog?


2 responses to “A Treat for the Mouth and Eyes

  1. I go to Snog everyday with my girlfriend and it is the most amazing place I have ever been. The sky blows me away. The best news is that Snog is delicious and has no sugar or other artificial sweeteners like all other frozen yogurt places. I am totally addicted

  2. Snog is super cool. I don’t know the guys who did this place but they did a great job. I am a New Yorker and it outdoes Pinkberry on all counts. God, I wish they were open now so I could have a morning Snog xx

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