Frame Magazine: The Great Indoors

Frame Magazine recently did a feature on a Polish cinema, Multikino Z³ote Tarasy, in Warsaw.  Read below for a brief write-up the magazine did:

For the interior design of a Warsaw cinema, Robert Majkut has taken inspiration from interactive architecture and the interaction between the environment and the user.

There is a new cinema in the city of Warsaw. Multikino Z³ote Tarasy invited Robert Majkut to co-operate on the interior design.

Majkut wanted to create a unique place that would bring entertainment to the city centre. “Polish people are becoming richer and richer, they want to have better, more noble lives and to enjoy them to the full. To have a variety of choices, also in entertainment, culture and arts. Therefore we need unique, ambitious and extraordinary places, which reflect the character of the city. The design is an attempt to create such a space, and to look for suitable aesthetics for such a facility. I tried to re-introduce nobility to what had been impoverished – combine the convenience of a multiplex with the atmosphere and dignity that we know from cosy cinemas or grand theatres and concert halls.”


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