Imagine This!

David Rockwell recently raised two million dollars in order to create a playground that played to children’s’ imaginations.  The new playground was recently revealed in New York at South Street Seaport.  The playground is comprised of “loose parts,” which includes: large blocks, brooms, wheelbarrows, carts and sand, and found objects.  According to the Imagination Playground website, the loose parts help to give children a new experience every time they visit.

Rockwell is also producing Imagination Playground in a BOX, which is comprised of much of the same loose parts above, but is obviously mobile.  Visit the website to see renderings of all of the projects and their locations.


One response to “Imagine This!

  1. Cool but developmentally inappropriate. Did anyone consult a pediatrician or psychologist before proposing this disaster? It’s easy to believe that an ever-changing environment promotes creativity and development until someone starts moving the stuff around on your desk every day. This is why hot desking is bad for workplace morale. Children also seek stability and predictability. The only constant here is the need to build, which, I’m certain, is integral to the park’s designers, but it isn’t necessarily what children want or need at every outing to the park. Also, there are reasons playgrounds don’t have loose parts. “Theft” and “projectile” are the first that come to mind.

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