Best and Worst Hometown Design: Shorewood, IL

And now we are onto my hometown of Shorewood, IL.  I am Christa Koskosky, and it is my pleasure to update the blog for you and act as your Marketing Coordinator of Student Affairs.  Yes, that means you can contact me in regards to Campus Centers, Student Membership, Student Competitions and how you and your fellow peers can be spotlighted on this blog and in our e-newsletter Custom!  Enough about my job…onto my hometown!

My best design does not technically come from Shorewood, but from a neighboring city, Joliet.  Have you ever wanted to escape the messiness that comes along with eating a donut?  Well, Home Cut Donuts in Joliet has created a design that will set your mind at ease and keep your fingers sticky free.  I give you: donut on a stick! A delicious design!

My worst design may get me in trouble, but I do not like our new village hall.  Will County, in Illinois, is growing by leaps and bounds, and I hate to say it, but I miss the farm communities that used to surround my neighborhood.  The new village hall is located in what used to be a corn field.  While I know my house was probably built on what once was a corn field, as well, I do miss my old hometown!

Are your hometowns being transformed as well?  Do you like the new development or do you wish for your “old hometown?”


4 responses to “Best and Worst Hometown Design: Shorewood, IL

  1. The donut is genius! I have to agree with you on that village hall, too. Maybe if there were more context, it would make more sense.

  2. christakoskosky

    I agree with your comments! I haven’t heard much reasoning behind the new hall…

  3. shaunt halebian

    The donut on a stick idea is awesome. I can’t believe someone did not think of it before.

    As for the rendition of the New Hall…why is there a stray black dog behind a park bench in this rendition?

  4. The donut on a stick has been around forever! I remember getting them from Mr. Donut in Delaware as a kid in the 1970’s. It was great when the icing went down the stick and you got to lick it off at the end!

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