Beijing: The Forbidden City

The Today Show’s Matt Lauer recently took viewers to the Forbidden City and was allowed exclusive access to two rooms that have never been seen by the public. A receiving room and the emperor’s theatre. You can view the video here.

The Forbidden City, or Palace Museum as it is known today, is 500 years old and was home to over 20 emperors. As you will find as you watch the video, the design and architecture was done with great purpose and 500 years later they are taking great care to restore this historical palace.

Symbolism runs throughout the design as the yellow tiles represent the color of the emperor and the blue symbolize heaven, to name a few. Additionally, it is interesting to note that the interior of the theatre was influenced by Western design. The emperor actually commissioned an Italian painter to paint the walls and ceilings of the theatre. It is also said that all of the buildings face south, as the north was regarded as bad luck. All of China’s invasions came from the north and the only buildings facing that direction were reserved for people who had fallen out of the emperor’s good graces.

I know there is so much more to this building. If you know more, please feel free to share below!


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