Putting a Bounce in Your Step

Brianne Sanchez of Juice tipped me off to this great article that ran in the Des Moines Register.

The city of Ames, home to the Iowa State University, is using over 650 recycled tires, to prevent cracking pavement.  According to the article, trucks are unloading hundreds of kegs that fall to the sidewalk resulting in cracks and dents.

This new sidewalk will use recycled tires and add more bounce and less damage.  Click here to read the article in its entirety.


One response to “Putting a Bounce in Your Step

  1. Actually, this company: http://rubbersidewalks.com/ already mass-produces rubber sidewalks made from recycled tires which are sold to cities. I believe Washington DC started the process of converting its old sidewalks to rubber ones about 5 years ago. In addition to not cracking, rubber sidewalks lift less under swelling tree roots, give just a little which reduced joint strain when walking on them, and are porous, though I don’t believe they count as pervious cover.

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