School Traditions

Pictures taken by Joshua Bikel and Phoebe Sexton of the Missourian

I visited my alma mater’s website yesterday, and I realized University of Missouri-Columbia (Mizzou) students had just taken part in one of my school’s many traditions–Tiger Walk.  Tiger Walk at Mizzou symbolizes the freshman classes’ entrance into the university; it is an official welcome of sorts.

The historic columns are what remains of our original academic hall and is the third most recognized landmark in Missouri!  Upon graduation, as seniors, Mizzou students will walk towards the columns symbolizing their exit from Mizzou and entrance into the “real world.”  It is a great tradition complete with Tiger Stripe Ice Cream!

Now that many of you are headed back to school, or perhaps school has already started for most of you, what traditions are you looking forward to?  If you have graduated, what traditions will you miss?


One response to “School Traditions

  1. Good luck at the “Arch Rivalry” on Saturday against Illinois. I know that’s another big tradition for Mizzou.

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