A white Corian, orgami-like hotel has emerged from the rest of the crowd in Bourdeaux, France.  Metropolis Magazine profiles Seeko’o, a new hotel over-looking the Garonne River, in their article titled, Making Waves.

Marc Kristal points out that, “the Corian drives home the structure’s modernity, erasing the rectilinear patterns of traditional stone-and-mortar construction. And by converting the hotel into an engimatic abstraction that has been likened to a ship or a seeko’o—Inuit for “iceberg”—the architects have rejected not only the prevailing neighborhood style but also the more orthodox idea of copying it, as others working on Bordeaux’s waterfront have done.”

The interior also reflects the exterior as the waves are mimicked throughout–even the sink looks like a miniature of the hotel’s exterior.   The interior also features graphics on the walls and ceilings.
Read the rest of the article to learn more about this hotel and the architectural process behind it.


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  1. Amazing! I cannot even imagine what it would feel like to actually BE IN that space!

  2. S. Noel Ting

    An entirely plastic (Corian) exterior? Interesting. <a href=”http://www2.dupont.com/Corian/en_CN/whats_new/seekoo_hotel.html” title=”DuPont says it’ll wear well.”

    That mirrored ceiling is fantastic, aestetically and technically.

  3. Wow it is amazing when corian is used like that. It is obviously not just a countertop material.

    nj countertops

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