Delicious Dish: Ben and Jerry’s!

Be sure to read the whole post.  There is a free scoop of ice cream at the end!

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the IIDA Illinois Chapter’s Leader’s Breakfast last Friday where they invited Jerry Greenfield of Ben and Jerry’s to be the keynote speaker.  Jerry was by far one of the most intriguing speakers I have ever listened to!  He drove home his message of businesses being socially responsible and community oriented through his, and Ben’s, story of Ben and Jerry’s.

After hearing to him speak I had several “did you know?” conversations with friends:

  • Did you know that Ben and Jerry’s took on Pillsbury after Pillsbury refused to allow their ice cream to be transported on the same trucks as their (Pillsbury’s) Haagen-Daz?  Ben and Jerry launched into a “What is the Doughboy afraid of?” campaign which eventually led Pillsbury to re-think their decision.
  • Did you know that the name Cherry Garcia came from an anonymous suggestion.  Ben and Jerry were sent a postcard that said something to the affect of: “dead paraphernalia always sells.” Chubby Hubby, New York Fudge and Chunky Monkey also came from customer suggestions.
  • Did you know that at one time one in ten Vermont families owned a stake in Ben and Jerry’s?  They sold shares in their company for a little more than $100.
  • Did you know, Ben & Jerry’s printed a “Support Farm Aid” panel on 8 million pint cups with an 800# for supporters to call in a grass-roots effort to support family farmers (taken from
  • Did you know, you can find out more facts here?

I have never considered myself a brand loyal consumer.  Thanks to my mom, I generally buy things on sale or if I have a coupon, but I have to say I may have just become brand loyal to Ben and Jerry’s.  It is truly amazing what they do in order to help those around them.  While they have expanded to Russia and Great Britain and beyond, they still continue to impact the communities around them!

Never had Ben and Jerry’s?  Well, you can have your chance this November–November 4th to be exact.  Receive one free scoop upon showing your “I voted sticker” a picture of yourself at the polls, or telling your cashier you voted.  Click here for more information!


One response to “Delicious Dish: Ben and Jerry’s!

  1. Sweet! I wonder what’s more likely to get people to the polls: compensation or penalties (like in Australia).

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