IIDA 7th Annual Student Mentoring Week

We are now accepting applications for the 7th Annual IIDA Student Mentoring Week.  Click here to download your application.

Student Mentoring Week provides IIDA Student Members an opportunity to shadow a professional in their area of design interest for one day during the week of February 2-6th.  Participating students are also eligible to enter the Lloy Hack Memorial Fund scholarship, which awards $1000 to the winning student and the winning student’s mentor’s firm.  Click here for more information.

As a reminder, students are encouraged to apply in pairs.  You can apply as a single, and you will be paired at random with another student.  Mentor pairing is done on a first come, first served basis.  Only completed applications will be considered.


One response to “IIDA 7th Annual Student Mentoring Week

  1. Hey IIDA!
    Just wanted to let you know that the awesome women from IIDA Michigan stopped by our ASID board meeting last night to tell us more about IIDA and how we can get a campus center started here at MSU! It was awesome and I learned a ton about IIDA that I did not expect. They also gave a little shout out to this blog and I was like – HEY! I know them! haha
    And they talked about the mentoring week, which I am definitely going to think about doing

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