Chords Bridge-Israel

Metropolis Magazine recently ran an article, Calatrava Strikes a Chord, about Santiago Calatrava’s newest bridge in Israel.  The Chords Bridge was built as part of the light rail system that will connect the Old City in 2010.


The question and answer article with Calatrava poses some interesting questions, especially when the journalist, Michael Silverberg asks him about placing such a modern bridge in such an old, traditional city.  Some Israelites are opposed to the $70 million bridge for that fact alone–that it is out of place.  The transportation authorities assure that it will aid in reducing traffic jams and ease one’s entry into the Old City.

Click here to read the entire article and for more pictures of Calatrava’s sketches.


One response to “Chords Bridge-Israel

  1. Just give them some time. 120 years ago Parisians hated the Eiffel Tower and wanted it torn down. It might well have been, had it not served as a radio tower during the wars. Now, it’s so synonymous with Paris that they can’t imagine life without it.

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