Good luck on finals!

I know finals are quickly approaching for most of you out there, so I thought this opinion piece, which ran in the New York Times, would be appropriate to post.


It is by the illustrator Christoph Niemann and he discusses his love/hate relationship with coffee. I am sure most of you can appreciate this as you may be re-filling your mug for another study session. Click here to read the entire opinion piece.

Good luck, study hard and enjoy much needed rest and relaxation which is just around the corner!


2 responses to “Good luck on finals!

  1. Definitely feeling the love/hate relationship for coffee..
    Love because its just sooo good, Hate because it takes all my money 😦
    ohhh projects/finals time

  2. christakoskosky

    Good luck! Also, you may want to visit Starbucks, they are doing their 12 Days of Gifts (??). At any rate, they are handing our samples of their coffee and pastries every day at 3:00. May give you the afternoon kick you need!

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