IIDA Student Mentoring Week: Deadline Approaching

Please remember to fill out your 7th Annual IIDA Student Mentoring Week application. The deadline is this Monday, December 15th. If you do not have your ID# please contact me, Christa Koskosky, at ckoskosky@iida.org, or make a note of this on your application, and I will still be able to process it. Click here for the application.


In addition to the Lloy Hack Memorial Fund Scholarship, which awards $1000 to a winning student and also awards $1000 to the firm at which they were mentored. Students now have an opportunity for an all-expense paid trip to NeoCon 2009 in Chicago. IIDA will award this to two participating students. Your trip will include:

  • Flight and hotel accomodations.
  • Guest speaking at IIDA’s Annual Meeting and Chapter Leadership Council meeting.
  • Access to all of the showrooms at NeoCon, the world’s largest commercial furnishings and interiors tradeshow.
  • Informational interviews with top Chicago firms.

To Enter:

Interested students should send in a resume, letter of recommendation and an essay (1000 words or fewer) addressing the following question:

2010 is being touted as the Decade of Design. Why do you think this is and what will you contribute to this decade?

Entries can be submitted to the attention of Christa Koskosky at:

222 Merchandise Mart Plaza

Suite 567

Chicago, IL 60657

or they can be emailed to ckoskosky@iida.org. Entries are due Wednesday, February 18th.


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