Student Task Force Blog Entry

I mentioned before the holiday that you would have an opportunity to hear from the student voice of our association.  Today’s entry comes from Student Task Force member Andrea.  We hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to continuing to post thoughts from our students.


It’s senior year again!

I’ve taken my final exam, finished my final project, and given my final presentation so now I’m ready to pack up and head out for the holidays!


It occurred to me recently that I won’t have the stress of final projects next December – and that’s an odd feeling after a cumulative nine years of college. First I earned the practical business degree, and now I’ve almost finished the degree I always wanted. But I’ve heard that Interior Design is now the number one choice of second careerists, so it’s nice to know I’m not alone.


I was wondering: Do the semesters seem to be getting longer, or is that how they always feel at this point?

Here’s my tally for this semester:

0 model-building-related trips to the Emergency Room

1 class skipped (Tuesday before Thanksgiving)

1 study model built

1 SketchUp model built

2 mock interviews in class

2 more Interior Design classes complete

2 more Interior Design classes to go before graduation!

3 business cards received from the IIDA holiday party

3 home tours toured, and worked 20 hours on my neighborhood’s tour

4 group projects


4 thesis interviews with an architect, interior designers and a shop owner for my senior thesis on development density

5 meetings for our student Interior Design group on campus

5 site visits to design firms with Professional Practice class

5 hours in Kinko’s (I try to minimize this time)

6 ink cartridges used in my home printer

10 in-class presentations given

50 or more – times people offered me their homes as projects

50 or more – times I almost explained my particular interest in commercial design, life safety, codes, and LEED projects

99.5 internship hours recorded, almost all of them worked on a LEED project

100? Cups of coffee

144 daycare drop-offs (every time except Friday mornings, when Daddy takes him so I can get to my internship)

150 Xacto blades used

$250 raised for Mavs Foundation by building a Furniture4Kids table with student ID organization

320 diapers changed



5 responses to “Student Task Force Blog Entry

  1. Haha, I enjoyed your tally. Too scared to make one of my own, especially since it would make me realize how much I REALLY spend a coffee per semester. Yikes!

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