Spotlight: California Academy of Sciences

I have always heard that we are in need of more math and science teachers, and that there has been a push to pique the interest of students to explore these possible math and science careers more.


Well, I think one trip to the California Academy of Sciences may make me go back to school!


The Academy is the largest LEED platinum building and the world’s greenest museum!  The museum houses an aquarium, planetarium and even boasts an indoor rain forest.


Has anyone ever been?  We would love to know what the actual experience was like!


3 responses to “Spotlight: California Academy of Sciences

  1. I loved it! The interior is jaw-dropping! I’m yet to check out their green roof, thanks to the crazy rain on the day I went. The penguins were the best 😀

    They have new events coming up called NightLife on Thursday nights. Should be awesome. Info on their website.

  2. Good example of a green building; sustainability how it should be. It’s my proffesion, but don’t know a place like this in Europe jet.

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