Chandelier: New Trend?

I am proud to give you yet another student blog entry! This comes from Diane who is a member of IIDA’s Student Task Force and who attends Illinois State University. Here is her take on the chandelier trend!

In the past year or so, I have developed a strong liking, perhaps obsession, over one thing: chandeliers. Quietly hanging from a ceiling, they twist and turn with feminine beauty, all the while illuminating a space. They cannot be touched or looked at closely. Rather you can only admire the piece from a distance. Frequently, they go unnoticed by the everyday person. How often do people look up? How often are chandeliers noticed? I first noticed the impact and beauty of chandeliers when I visited possibly one of the most beautiful places I have been to: Château de Versailles.

As I stepped into the Hall of Mirrors, I was overwhelmed by the space: the towering windows, the clouded mirrors, the colorful ceiling. The glittering chandeliers hung from the ceiling like a spider on a web. The chandeliers gave this magnificent Hall that extra bit of elegance. The room had a strong sense of femininity with the hanging jewels. It was truly an experience and it is hard to describe the feeling of walking through the Hall. This was my realization of the impact and effect of chandeliers. Obviously, the designers of this 17th century palace knew what they were doing.


In contemporary design, I have noticed a strong reemergence of chandeliers. It truly has been given a rebirth into style and design. It is frequently used as a decorative motif on clothing, stationery, art, jewelry, etc. The same elegant feeling from a chandelier fixture has been transformed. It is no longer only for the rich and famous or Marie Antoinette, but the chandelier is now available to anyone, even a college student like me.

In these prints for wall art, the chandelier motif is turned into a pop art display. I have also seen designs like these as wall decals, allowing an easy way to give a dull wall life.


I have also seen the chandelier motif in fashion. Simply printed on a hoodie and you instantly have a little touch of elegance. I saw the hoodie at dELiAs store. I would wear this t-shirt like I was wearing my Chicago Cubs jersey: very proudly. Jewelry is a prime example of the motif in fashion. Like a chandelier, these earrings from Target just dangle delicately. The chandelier is like another symbol for a woman.


I found one of my favorite modern updates to the chandelier at the new Macy’s in Bolingbrook, Illinois. I couldn’t help but be blinded by the neon chandelier from the junior’s department. The twist of glamour from the chandelier motif and urbanization from the neon lights was something else. I also like this chandelier from Urban Outfitter’s made from MDF board.


The more you look around, you too might notice chandelier motifs. I know it’s not just me; they really are everywhere these days. Perhaps as the chandelier motif becomes more popular, people will appreciate their grace and notice chandeliers more.


2 responses to “Chandelier: New Trend?

  1. I like that one made from MDF board as well. good post

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