What Will Happen to Coney Island?

While I know this article has little to do with interior design, I found the debate and issues revolving it quite interesting.  I don’t know if that is because I recently visited Coney Island (yesterday to be exact), and I wanted so desperately to see the area revitalized.

The New York Times ran an article today about how the city and developer are arguing over the best way to go about giving the area a face lift.  The ultimate conclusion may be that this project will just have to wait until the economy recovers.   Click here to read the article in its entirety.

What do you think?  Should this area be given a much needed update or should developers concentrate instead on building grocery stores, community centers to enrich the neighborhood?


The city's proposal

Developer's Proposal

Developer's Proposal

Municipal Art Society's Proposal

Municipal Art Society's Proposal



One response to “What Will Happen to Coney Island?

  1. In terms of economic recovery, a major update of Coney Island would certainly create a lot of jobs, hedged agaist future debt. The bigger question is whether the approved project will have the longevity in revenue generation necessary to justify said debt. Any update will certainly make money for a few years on a novelty basis alone, but will people return and will interst remain long enough to pay off the debt, and preferably turn a profit? The advent of the affordable car really hurt Coney Island’s attendance. Maybe a significant rise in the cost of energy will do the opposite?

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