Green is Stupid?

This blog entry from Green Building Elements came across my inbox from a fellow IIDA employee today, and I have to say I can’t find too much to disagree with in their original post.

Justin Timberlake's green golf course, which uses billions of gallons of water a year

Justin Timberlake's green golf course, which uses billions of gallons of water a year

A lot of the “green,” or LEED buildings seem to be oxymorons–green parking lot? As the post pointed out, wouldn’t it be preferred for commuters to take the train or another form of mass transit? Green airport terminal? Airplanes emit tons of pollutants into our atmosphere everyday.

A green parking garage?

A green parking garage?

I suppose I could also look at it from another perspective, that at least people are trying?

Your thoughts?


2 responses to “Green is Stupid?

  1. If it’s going to be built, it might as well be as green as possible. It’s not the companies’ fault what the purpose of the building is. When the public decides it no longer wants bottled water or air travel, it will stop buying them and companies will stop making them. Companies are not elected or social institutions, and cannot be expected to act in the public interest. It’s up to the government (and since this is a democracy, that’s us) to make decisions like banning incandescent light bulbs, and increasing minimum fuel-efficiency requirements. When was the last time you wrote to your congressman/woman to support green legislation?

  2. Thanks for sharing that link. It’s unfortunate that the USGBC would support some of those projects, but at the same time, they probably would still be built whether or not they got certified. Although I support the USGBC, there’s always going to be business aspects to the organization.

    On a side note, my opinion about JT has changed. I knew he liked golf, but he obviously doesn’t walk the talk.

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