Student Spotlight: Interior Designers’ Responsibility to the Environment

Today’s post comes from Andrea who writes about the important responsibilities interior designers have when it comes to the environment.  Read her opinions below and check out the projects she has created!

My name is Andreea Dumitrescu, I am an IIDA member and a student in Interior Design in Santa Monica College, California.
Besides being a student, I have an interest in researching and doing my part to impact nature, the environment and animals in a positive way.  I try to be receptive to any change in the discovery process of humanity towards our environment and our planet.  I believe it is very important that our generation pay attention to changes in climate and to do what we can to protect and preserve our  most valuable resource- our planet!


As architects and designers, we have an important role to educate the public and to realize the affect our designs will have on the environment.  It is extremely important that designers and architects take into consideration  sustainable, recycled and affordable materials for our projects.

It is also very important to be able to provide our clients affordable projects.  Keeping these ideas in mind, I believe that working with the city, or with the companies that offer recycled materials at low prices, will offer a  beneficial solution to our client’s financial concerns.  Recycled materials, and building new projects with those materials, is an idea that I and Jose Fontiveros from Sintesi Design, already work with in the Trans-use Project.  The Trans-use Project addresses the desire for progressive, affordable design. This goal is achieved by adaptively reusing existing materials before they are discarded or new materials are manufactured. The applications of this theory are infinite and have the potential to benefit individual and humanitarian needs of local communities.

Our project benefits the need of the community, and the applications could be infinite.  What we are already working on, is a residential project at Joshua Tree, and a no-kill animal shelter in Lancaster, California.  Both of these projects are built out of recycled materials.  I hope we will have the chance to help more communities by introducing trans-use projecta and making it available and affordable to every client.  I consider this idea, of recycle and reuse building materials, as my contribution to the community, and I hope it serves as a point of reference for other people who want to build green but need it affordable as well.


2 responses to “Student Spotlight: Interior Designers’ Responsibility to the Environment

  1. looking for a part time architectural hand drafting person for residential work. Must have a high style of lettering and line value.
    I am a lic. architect . I work in a home office in Beverly Hills

  2. It’s very refreshing to hear someone who actually knows that differences between interior design and interior decorating. I am planning to studying in interior design and I am soo sick of family thinking I am planning to study a stupid degree but I am soo excited to become a master at it.!

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