Washington University Achieves LEED Gold

The Danforth University Center at Washington University in St. Louis, recently achieved LEED Gold!

This marks the second LEED rating the University has achieved, but marks the first LEED Gold rating!  Congratulations!


Taken from the student newsletter, Danforth achieved LEED Gold by implementing the following:

• Low-flow faucets and water-conserving toilets.

• A 50,000-gallon rainwater tank below the building that collects excess rainwater and groundwater. The water is then used to irrigate the building’s landscaping.

• Light sensors near every outdoor window. The sensors measure the amount of sunlight entering the room and adjust light levels to maintain an even amount of light in the space. This is called daylight harvesting.

• Showers, which gives bicyclists, rollerbladers or walkers opportunities to freshen up after arriving and encourages alternative transportation.

• The use of locally and regionally extracted raw materials such as limestone and materials used to produce concrete.


2 responses to “Washington University Achieves LEED Gold

  1. Way to go my alma mater!

  2. Wash U also recently announced they’re pulling bottled water from campus stores and eating places. It’s great to see my university stepping up and taking the lead on these issues.

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