Product Design: McDonald’s

Who doesn’t love McDonald’s? OK, so there may be some of you out there who have more will power than I do, but this product design, if ever employed by McDonalds, may make your environmental concise feel better about dining at the fast food chain.

Photo from Inhabitat

Photo from Inhabitat

I saw this post over at Inhabitat about University of the Arts graduate student Andrew Millar. Click here to read the article in its entirety.

Andrew observed people at the fast food chain to see how they used the existing McDonalds packaging. His research found that most consumers tear open the bag to use it as a plate/place mat for their food. His unique solution is pictured below:

Photo taken from Inhabitat

Photo taken from Inhabitat

The bag is made from grease resistant grass paper and pulp paper. The grass paper lines the interior, which allows for a grease less and environmentally friendly breakfast/lunch/dinner.


2 responses to “Product Design: McDonald’s

  1. Jeeze! How many times do you see people do this. Making the leap from doing to creating a product idea is wonderful!!

    Why has no one thought of this before!?! I’d use these at home to save on washing up!


    The BIG Consultant – Product Design Sheffield
    – ‘its the little company with the BIG ideas’

  2. I have a fantastic one of a kind idea to revolutionise a particular item
    that Mc Donalds could impliment to an exhisting product. I am however concerned that someone would of course claim it as their own after my concept is revealed. I would like to pattent it as I know if it’s not McDonalds that would be the greatest to impliment it, than any of the other chains would use it to jump ahead of their competetors immediately. Please contact me if you r interested in viewing a sketch and model of this idea that would not even involve an increase in cost development. The concept will sell itself and is so brilliant that a few moments of the R and D’s time would not break the bank so to speak. So please call me at 863-801-2259. My name is Osvaldo Salgado. My address is 3602 nw 37th ave, Okeechobee Florida,34972.

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