Graduation Speakers

Who is speaking at your graduation and/or what do you hope they will say to you?


What do you need to hear from someone right now in these economic times?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


5 responses to “Graduation Speakers

  1. I am actually speaking at my own graduation! So, any thoughts about what you’d like to hear at graduation would be super helpful for me – let me know! 🙂

  2. Christa (the secret person who manages this blog), with the way the journalism and marketing industries have changed over the past few years, do you wish you could re-write or edit the graduation speech you gave?

  3. Thanks for the plug Brianne! Yes, I was graduation speaker for the Mizzou School of Journalism. While I was pleased with my speech at the time, (and I hope my audience members were too. Care to weigh-in Brianne?) a lot has certainly changed in the Journalism world. I think it is important to address fears you may have, but also concentrate on what your class has accomplished and what you have yet to accomplish. I think there were unifying stories that touched us all as Mizzou journalism students, and I tried to highlight the excellent work we had all accomplished within our 4 years. I think not addressing the economic times now may be ignoring the elephant in the room? Then again, is covering the recession in your speech too predictable?

    Where are the interior design students? What do you want to hear? Are you over hearing about this recession?

  4. Our commencement speaker remains a mystery, but I hope they encourage people to consider alternate opportunities if they’re having a hard time finding a job…things like Americorps or volunteer abroad programs. I may be biased, but I think everyone should take 1-2 years of their life and participate in a service-focused professional experience to build their professional skill set, broaden their life experiences and make the world a slightly better place.

    Sure everyone would like to land their dream job right out of school, but that’s not always possible, even in a good economy. Instead of floundering, opportunities like Americorps give people the opportunity to work full-time and make a difference while they build skills to become an even stronger job candidate.

  5. There are also plans out there to expand Design Corps, a subset of Americorps that’s currently available for a very limited number of architecture graduates.

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