Staying In Contact With All Of Those College Friends

Hello IIDA members and friends! My name is Kayla Stauffer and I am interning at the IIDA HQ this summer. Before I start rambling on about an article that you may find interesting, I would like to tell you a little about myself! I am about to enter my senior year at Ball State University, in Muncie, Indiana, and am pursuing a double major in Interior Design and Marketing. I am passionate about Interior Design and am motivated to transform the design world in a positive way.

As I find myself entering my fourth year of college, I am starting to recall all of the memories and friends that I have made along the way. College is not only about the education, it is about the experiences you have and the people you meet. I have been thinking about many friends that have come and gone and all of the friends that will be graduating and moving on into the “real world.” These thoughts can be intimidating and scary because of the unknown future. I came across an article that discusses these issues and others that are common among college students. It gives great advice on how to stay in touch with friends of the present and how to reconnect with those of the past. It is a pretty short article, but is definitely worth reading over! If you find yourself pondering similar thoughts and would like some ways of keeping in touch with your collegiate buddies, this article will be beneficial. To view the article click here.

 I am happy that I got the chance to introduce myself to you and look forward to speaking with you all soon!

 Happy Summer!



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