Announced: PANTONE Spring 2010 Color Report

Fashion designers, furniture designers and interior designers alike pay close attention to color trends to ensure their work is timely and fresh. Pantone has announced their Spring 2010 color trend report just in time for New York Fashion Week.


The top colors for women’s fashion for spring 2010:

* Turquoise: PANTONE 15-5519
* Tomato Purée: PANTONE 18-1661
* Fusion Coral: PANTONE 16-1543
* Violet: PANTONE 16-3320
* Tuscany: PANTONE 16-1219
* Aurora: PANTONE 12-0642
* Amparo Blue: PANTONE 18-3945
* Pink Champagne: PANTONE 12-1107
* Dried Herb: PANTONE 17-0627
* Eucalyptus: PANTONE 15-0513

To view the full report which includes interviews and sketches from some of the top fashion designers in the business, CLICK HERE.


One response to “Announced: PANTONE Spring 2010 Color Report

  1. These colors are reminiscent of the mid 1950’s, a time of economic growth and optimism, post WWII. Specifically, the colors harken back to turquoise and coral two tone cars, Fiesta ware ceramics, melmac dishes, and some of the best modernist inspired textile prints combining the brights andthe same soft natural grey green tones shown here for Spring 2010. Collectively, we are ready for the birth of a bold new future being born out of a time of darkness, just as we were in the mid 1950’s.

    What’s next? Remember what came after the mid 50’s…the 60’s. Get ready for the seasons of freedom and love combined with unparalleled technological development and growth of peace and equality movements. This is the mood and we are so ready.

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