Students CAN write…but are they inspired?

Students don’t like to write, you say?

Maybe it’s the assignments that are the problem.

In a compelling article posted on, David Barringer proposes 21 ways to inspire student writing by pointing out prompts that are “dramatic, provocative, fun, urgent and personal”. His intent is to get students to involve persuasion, popular culture, current trends and even think about (gasp) slang when they are writing. Read the full article here.


What do you think?

How could your professors make writing more interesting for you?


One response to “Students CAN write…but are they inspired?

  1. They could let us have some sort of input on our topic/prompt that could take our writing to a more personal level. Even if it’s just a tiny bit of the prompt we can choose.

    For instance, it would be better to have a paper whose prompt is “Which piece of Italian architecture is most inspiring to you and why?” rather than “Describe the architectural characteristics and importance of Basilica di Santa Croce”.

    This would not only let the student give their personal opinion (which would be easier and more motivational to elaborate upon), but it would also give the professor a better variety of papers to read rather than reading the same information over and over again when grading them.

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