Mobile Takeover: Mobilfolios

by Guest Blogger, Carmen O’Donnell, IIDA Communications Manager

Every so often I peruse the discussions that are taking place on the IIDA LinkedIn page. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, I recommend taking a look.

If you’re not a follower and don’t have any interest in setting up an account, today’s your lucky day because I’m bringing the most-followed conversation to you. The discussion in question is on mobile portfolios, or mobilfolios.

Mobilfolios are design portfolios that are viewable on your mobile device. Whether you use a dedicated portfolio app or simply upload pictures of your portfolio onto your mobile device, the purpose is clearly to be prepared no matter where you are. Most of the LinkedIn commentators pointed out that in planned situations nothing can replace the professionalism of a well-crafted, well-presented portfolio. Point taken.

But let’s face it, the truth is that you never know who you’re going to meet and when. For the businessperson, it’s unthinkable to leave home without a business card. Maybe for the future design professional, it will be unthinkable to leave home without a mobile portfolio.

This supposition obviously needs to be taken with a grain of salt and a few caveats. Here are my warnings for those embarking on a mobile takeover:

1. Not all projects are appropriate for a mobile portfolio.

While some of the new smartphones have decent screen sizes, they’re still smaller than any computer screen. Plan accordingly. Before presenting your mobilfolio to a prospective client or employer, test it out on your friends and/or colleagues. Keep all images that stimulate discussion; discard any that provoke confused responses.

2. Are you doing yourself (and your work)  justice?

Don’t forget to take into account scale, visibility, resolution and color. Ask yourself this question before adding new images to your mobilfolio. Take a look at the two well-done examples below:

3. Judge your audience carefully.

Just because someone tells you that they work in your industry, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re interested in seeing all 100 images in your mobilfolio. Don’t be a bore. If your portfolio comes up, great. If not, slip them your business card and save the pitch for later.

4. This is your professional work, so be professional.

Don’t keep your mobilfolio alongside images of you and your friends on the weekend. You’ll lose any admiration you just earned if that’s the way you top off your presentation.


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