Spice Girl Turns Designer??

Ok, ok. I’ll admit it. Victoria Beckham has a pretty good of style, but does she really have what it takes to design an entire hotel? Dubai’s ruler Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum seems to think so!

Beckham may soon design a hotel as she has been reportedly offered a cool $40 million to do so. The hotel will be located on a fashion-themed island called Isla Moda off the Dubai coast.

Victoria has not yet decided whether to sign up, but if she accepts the offer she will work with Karl Lagerfeld on the creation for Dubai.

Our IIDA Members have some really great opinions when it comes to matters of design, so I thought it might be interesting to post this report on our IIDA HQ facebook page.

And there the heated frenzy began.

Here are a few comments:

“Further proof we need regulation for the industry. Anyone can be a decorator just because they have a “gift” thinks the public.”

“Just passed LEED AP-ID & C and now trying to finish the rest of the NCIDQ. Nice to know that I’m wasting my time and money. Should have just start a girl lip-synching band instead….”

“And what qualifies her?”

“Next she’ll be a brain surgeon!!!”


What are your thoughts?

Is this discouraging to you when you are studying diligently to get a degree, put together a legitimate portfolio and build a good repertoire in the industry?


2 responses to “Spice Girl Turns Designer??

  1. It’s good to know that in this tough economy an uneducated woman with no background in design gets offered $40 mil. just because someone likes her clothes, when there are thousands upon thousands of designers who are extremely passionate about design and work grueling hours fighting the limitless competition in hopes of just getting an internship that may not even pay.

  2. I’m sure there will be a team of highly qualified designers to assist in every “decision” she makes. Will they get any sort of recognition at all? No, probably not. Will they be getting paid $40mil? Ha.

    This guy is, undoubtedly, a successful business man. He is buying a name to sell rooms, he isn’t buying her skill. We will still be there, in the background, doing what we do best. It isn’t fair, but life isn’t fair. I’m sure the designers working behind her are more than happy to add this to their resume. I know I would be.

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