Frank Gehry @ the Chicago Public Library?!

In case you missed it a recently, Frank Gehry spoke at the Chicago Public Library to a crowd of 500+ eager attendees.  We sent our new intern, Stephen Kolacki, to check it out and report back to us with some highlights that might be interesting for our members.  Here’s what he discovered:

  • Fresh out of high school Gehry was a truck driver who decided to take community college courses in ceramics.  It wasn’t until his first visit to a job site with his ceramics professor that he actually became fascinated with architecture.
  • Gehry believes careful selection of clients is very important.  Trust and open communication in those relationships is essential.
  • Public involvement in public buildings is required on multiple levels, not just an elected board of officials.  He strives for a through understanding the culture and community his is working in, in addition to the basics.
  • As his legacy, Gehry wants architects and designers to take more responsibility for the construction process, with less emphasis on the demands of the General Contractor.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let us know your thoughts on Gehry’s work, be it positive or negative.  Do you have a favorite Gehry building or object?


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