It IS EASY Being Green

We received a few emails over the past few days wondering where OUR coverage of Earth Week was. It’s true I did take my time looking for interesting stuff to share, but in my defense, for the past few years our profession has been more focused than ever on being green. With todays trends focused on recycling, reusing, reducing our carbon foot print, and being LEED certified, Earth Week comes as a reminder for all those who haven’t adapted to this new standard. Earth Week isn’t just a yearly focus, but a change in lifestyle.

Here a few links on the topic at hand:

An intriguing spin on Earth Day and consumerism from the New York Times: At 40, Earth Day Is Now Big Business

The NYT has a full blog dedicated to Green News

The US Green Building Council has a news portion of their site that is especially relevant to Earth Week and living Green in general.

Not that I need an excuse to get another app but here’s 10 Free iPhone Apps to Help You Go Green for Earth Day

So what are you doing to enhance this new Greener world?


2 responses to “It IS EASY Being Green

  1. You might be interested to know that one of your IIDA student members is the author of an extremely popular green design and building blog called “Living in Comfort and Joy” – it’s just over a year old and has more than 60,000 visitors. There’s a post up now on “Recycling the Whole House” which is about recovering and recycling building materials. You can find the blog at (BTW, the term “student member” may be misleading in my case. I too am recycled – hopefully upcycled – from an earlier career. So just double how old you pictured me being when I said student member.)

  2. Hi Nicolette, thanks for sharing your blog! It looks great, I will keep it on our radar and be watching for your posts! Its always wonderful to see what our IIDA Student Members are doing, please keep me posted on your endeavors!



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