5 Minutes with Philippe Starck

I was tickled to death when I discovered Philippe Starck’s recent interview in Whitewall magazine.The interview is chock full of interesting insight on Starck’s design philosophy, his latest projects, and what really motivates him.  Oddly enough it was Whitewall’s interviewer Guillaume Wolf who gave me the inspirational quote I really needed as a design student:

I think we are heading toward a creative revolution. So far, creativity has been the privilege of an elite group of professionals, but it’s going to explode to touch everyone. There are signs everywhere, but it’s a silent movement. It doesn’t mean everybody will become a rock star or anything like that, but it’s a totally different way to use creativity, integrated in the day to day.

I couldn’t have said it better if I tried.  Over the past few decades, creativity has literally snowballed in our profession and our society.  Technology has certainly aided in this. Suddenly the lone creative person or designer has a network of people to share ideas with and build momentum with.  It’s not just being part of, say a professional association (like IIDA), it’s about exchanging ideas, networking, expanding your knowledge base; that’s what fuels creativity.  Professional associations provide the stepping stone, but you have to take the step.

I’d LOVE to know your opinions on Philippe or this interview; send me an email or include your thoughts below.


One response to “5 Minutes with Philippe Starck

  1. Guillaume Wolf

    Thank you for your post! It’s very rare readers comment on the interviewer… If you want to know more about Starck’s creative process, Daft Punk’s, and Karl Lagerfeld’s — I invite to check out my book on creativity on Amazon http://tinyurl.com/26psa5n

    Thanks again for the nice post,
    Guillaume Wolf

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