Here at IIDA, we’re all about celebrating our student members! IIDA has a network of over 13,000 professionals in the industry, so we’ve decided to launch a “HIRE ME!” series featuring you, our student members. Want to be featured on the next “HIRE ME!” campaign? Scroll down for more info.

Stephen Kolacki

Columbia College Chicago | steve.kolacki@gmail.com

5 words that describe design to you…
1. Inspirational
2. Emotional
3. Definitive
4. Sexy
5. Transformational

3 things you can’t live without…
1. My partner Tim
2. My yorkie, Blanche
3. My MacBook Pro

What inspired you to be an Interior Designer?
It was actually an early 90’s House & Garden magazine issue focused on the interior of a Richard Meier house. I held on to it, but I didn’t piece together my passion for interiors until a few years later when I had entered an architectural design competition in high school. My building was essentially a series of spaces I had mentally pieced together on the inside, but it resulted in a weird Frankenstein looking structure on the outside.

What’s your dream job?
At this point I really want to be an Interior Architect at a large firm. My IIDA campus chapter has toured a few amazing firms who have offices across the country, and the resources and caliber of people they have working for them are truly impressive.

What kinds of projects are you passionate about working on?
Commercial, Retail, and Hospitality.

What famous Interior Design style do you admire the most? Why?
I am a big fan of minimalism; clean spaces that might appear simple, but aren’t. It might sound strange but I can’t get enough of the Luminaire and Poliform showrooms. It’s a combination of the furniture, the spaces, and the feeling in the space.

Where do you go for inspiration?
I LOVE Interior Design Magazine, not only for their printed version, but their extensive library online. For me design is a lot about the way a space feels, it’s not just an overall atmosphere, but a feeling of volume created by the placement of the walls and ceiling. For this kind of unconventional feeling I love touring Art Museums, they seem to love manipulating space to achieve an intended effect.

How has being an IIDA Student Member benefited you?
In addition to having the opportunity to meet a few of the more senior classmen at my school, I try to attend CEU’s at every opportunity I can, and actually modified my fall school schedule so I could attend more. IIDA is also a rare professional networking opportunity I have been using to try to find an internship.

What’s your favorite TV show?
Chelsea Lately or The Daily Show.

Why should an employer hire you specifically?
I bring a lot to the table! I’m great at project management, I’ve had several years of professional experience, I’m determined, and a hard worker. I am willing to take chances and go out on a limb for what I want.

What else should we know about you?
I love sailing, graphic design, watching modern dance, a good sazerac, my stations on Pandora, and especially summers in Chicago.

Where can you be found?
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/stephenkolacki
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/steve.kolacki

For consideration in the next “HIRE ME” feature,
please submit this form along with a resume and a headshot
Shannon at scallarman@iida.org


6 responses to “HIRE ME!

  1. I love this new series! I think it would be great as a podcast too!

  2. This a great idea – I’m so glad to see IIDA doing this!

  3. This is a very very cool idea! I think I just might have to send the form in 🙂

  4. Great site, very nice graphics easy on the eyes and the tid bits of info sets the tone toward accomplishing the brief preview. A visual resume!

  5. Michelle Widner

    Fabulous idea!!!

  6. Thanks for all the great comments! Glad to see we’re getting a good response for this new series!

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