10 Reasons Interior Designers Matter

Previously posted on the IIDA blog Design Matters

Yesterday a friend forwarded me a blog post titled “107 Reasons Why You, Architect, Matter.” To me the list seemed pretty obvious.

For instance, Reason #7 was, “We do more with less.” I think this could easily have been the motto for any industry in 2009. But once I started to think about it, I realized that architects, project managers and interior designers are all in a unique position to do more with less–in terms of budget, project teams and aesthetics.

Unfortunately the list quickly devolved into such self-serving statements as, “Architects are sexy” and “Architects are for the most part fascinating people.” Really? This is why you, as an architect matter?

Still, the list was a gentle reminder for me that everyone needs a cheerleader. We wouldn’t think twice about thanking our teachers, doctors and nurses for their service to the community. But what about interior designers who provide a much-needed service and constantly battle the public perception of their value?

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