Girls Night Out at The Violet Hour – Chicago, IL


A loyal Lincoln Park fan, I rarely make it over to the Wicker Park neighborhood in Chicago, but I’m beginning to branch out to better appreciate this part of town.  The neighborhood is trendy, diverse and is brimming with residents who, per capita, care more about quality music and restaurants than anywhere else in the city.
So when my girlfriends and I were getting dolled up for a night on the town, we decided to head to The Violet Hour, a swanky lounge with a fabulous ambiance and moody decor.  They actually don’t let you use your cellphone in this classy joint, let alone a camera, but I was able to snag this photo tour from Metromix so that our readers could experience the space. And trust me, this is much better than me trying to snag photos in dim lighting with a cocktail in hand, while trying to encourage my girlfriend to stop hitting on the waiter. Enjoy!







What do you think about the very blue, very private, lounge concept they are going for?


2 responses to “Girls Night Out at The Violet Hour – Chicago, IL

  1. So different to see a space w/o the actual lighting — it’s changes the experience of being there so much.

  2. I know, right? The mood lighting really does alot for the look and the feel of the space.

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