Meet Bonnie Toland

Bonnie’s Resume

The Art Center Design College ¦ bontoland@hotmail.com

Career Objective: To work at a firm that sees design in a broad social and cultural context and that seeks to enhance the quality of the human experience.

5 words that describe design to you…

  1.    1. Empowering
  2.    2. Life changing
  3.    3. Magical 
  4.    4. Intentional
  5.    5. Metaphor

3 things you can’t live without…

  1. Play Time
  2. Dental Floss
  3. U-turns

What inspired you to be an Interior Designer?

Trying to understand what people need to function and interact well is the best puzzle and I love puzzles. Design is a concrete way to improve people’s lives. Creating and being in beautiful spaces brings me great satisfaction and joy.

What’s your dream job?

To work with a multidisciplinary and innovative design firm that focuses on public and commercial spaces. To use fantasy and fusion in my designs and make use of my multicultural background.

What kinds of projects are you passionate about working on?

Spaces that impact large numbers of people draw me, because I see them as an opportunity for positive social change. Schools, hospitals, airports, hotels, offices, and courts all present exciting design challenges.

What famous Interior Design style do you admire the most? Why?

I don’t have a favorite. I like to simplify and blend styles. I love modern Moroccan, because the underlying forms and patterns offer many possibilities for variation. I enjoy cutting to the bones of style and then playing with color and scale.

Where do you go for inspiration?

Nature is my biggest inspiration. From jelly fish to pistachios, I can always find ideas.  

How has being an IIDA Student Member benefited you?

Through IIDA, I have developed long-lasting professional relationships. I found both of my internships at firms I got to know thanks to involvment with IIDA.

What’s your favorite TV show?

I don’t have TV, but I sometimes watch the Daily Show, House, and Bones online.

Why should an employer hire you specifically? 

1. I’m a conceptual and thorough designer 2. I see design as defining and transformational  3. I communicate and listen well 4. I work well with others, love presenting, and love people. 

Where can you be found?



As the current “HIRE ME” recipient, Bonnie will be featured this month to over 13,000 IIDA Professional and Industry Members. This is including, but not limited to, the Design Matters blog, professional e-newsletter, the official IIDA website and thousands of Industry Professionals across IIDA Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

For consideration in the next “HIRE ME” feature,
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One response to “HIRE ME!

  1. nature is the #1 design inspiration! love it! good luck!

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