A BRILLIANT Video Resume

Job seekers, prepare to get inspired. Check out this super creative video resume from a young Brit. Something tells me he snagged a pretty sweet job after this video went viral 😉

What are some creative tactics you’ve used in your job search?


4 responses to “A BRILLIANT Video Resume

  1. Still video blogging away! Will be celebrating 1 year since episode 1 soon: http://www.kristynivey.com/ondesign.html . Just finished covering IIDA MAC Cosmo Couture designer charity event in DC.

  2. Also I’m all about embracing the transparent conversation that is web 2.0. So I’m sharing my e-folio and resources used with students and professionals as it e-volves via http://www.portfolioenvy.com . Thanks again Michelle for always posting such relevant information!

  3. Shannon Callarman

    This is incredible! Thanks for posting this 🙂 I forwarded the post to a few of my friends that study graphic arts and communications. Very creative!

  4. I see what he did there- clever indeed. This video does some of the same, in regards to video resumes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lzziaM9H38

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