Super-Creative Resume Designs

Are you one of those job seekers that has a hard time snagging the interview, let alone an actual job offer? With so much competition out there, sometimes you have to make your resume stand out in order to set yourself apart from the crowd. Check out these crazy awesome resume designs for inspiration! Speaking of trying to get your foot in the door, don’t forget to sign up for Student Mentoring Week!

Resume t-shirt. This would be PERFECT for an IIDA networking event or industry tradeshow.

The fabric resume, talk about showcasing your design skills! Choose high-quality fabric and bold stitching to make it really unique.

The art board resume, the colors and layout of this resume highlight the candidates skills in an interactive format.

The inspiration board resume. Fun, quirky and full of personality.


The Timeline/graph resume. Colorful, precise and interesting to read.

The story telling resume. Almost similar to a comic strip, team up with a friend at your school in the Graphic Design department for help with the layout. Maybe you can offer to help them make their dorm room look fabulous in return! 🙂Check out more attention-grabbing resume’s here.

Do you have a super-creative resume you’d like to share with us? Send it over to Michelle at


10 responses to “Super-Creative Resume Designs

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  2. Danielle Nevils

    This was awesome! Currently I am in the process of revamping my whole resume and portfolio to go out and find a job in a new city. My goal is San Francisco and with this economy and the apparent talent it is difficult out there. This gave me great inspiration and a better goal to strive to. My appreciation for this blog goes out to you Bloggess. Thanks again!!

  3. Hi Danielle, so glad you enjoyed the post and it brought you great inspiration! Good luck with the job search in San Fran, we’ll be rooting for you here at IIDA! Be sure to keep us posted 🙂
    Best, Michelle

  4. Thanks for some great ideas to get the creativity flowing, it’s good consider layouts outside the box. I personally love the Timeline/graph example – it suits my personality so well.

    One note to new/recent grads out there – please ensure your spelling is perfect… I see an error in one of the examples above, and regularly see multiple mistakes in resumes and cover letters which is a big turnoff for me. We’re meant to be detail conscious in our profession, so just take a few minutes to check and ask others to proofread also.

  5. Great subject find for your blog!
    These are fun ideas and I particularly enjoyed the newspaper ad because you can place emphasis on the key words of your choice that are so efficient for the 10-15 second resume scan than most hiring people apply. Let’s not forget the purpose of the resume – to attract attention but to keep it readable /”scan-able” toward your benefit.
    Good luck to all!

  6. I was JUST at an event where an architect presenter mentioned that bringing that extra “umph” to the table when you’re applying for a position is what can make or break the deal sometimes! He was saying that he doesn’t have to like it, or agree with it, but if it makes him think, “Wow” then it makes all the difference.

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  9. This post was entertaining. I’m amazed by such creativity. If you need help in finding creative resume templates then you should visit There are plenty of great resume designs there.

  10. This is the first time I have seen resumes done in this creative way. Makes them much more interesting. you can also check some intresting resumes here.

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