College Dorm Room Meets Convenience

Ahhh, college. Dorm rooms, second-hand furniture, roommates and close quarters. We know that as Interior Design students, many of you probably have some pretty impressive dorm rooms. And although most of you are on a budget, I’m sure you’ve figured out some crafty ways to pull together a great color scheme and re-purposed furniture like it’s nobody’s business.

Whether your dorm room is the size of an office cubicle or your parents dished out the money for a suite, how to decorate and rearrange your space is always a question in the back of your mind. Enter

This fun new website is a web-based 3-D interior design tool that allows college students to customize their Residence Hall room interiors and purchase their favorite room selections online. There is even an option to see what your roommate has purchased already. This site would have saved me and my roommate an entire day of moving beds, desks, and shelves around to see where they don’t fit. And who has time for all that re-arranging when you’re trying to scope out the hot new Freshmen? Lucky for you, with this site you can move your bed with the click of a mouse to see where it looks best! Check it out for yourself at and give your college pad some swag.

Do you have an inspired dorm room you’d like us to consider featuring on the I ♥ I.D. blog? We’d love to see photos of your space! Send them over to Mary at


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