Office Etiquette: How Not to Be the Annoying Co-Worker

You’ve finally got the job you want and you love your work, the office, coworkers, but do you all the time? Whether you are bombarded by constant emails or loud personal phone calls in the office workplace annoyances are common.

A recent LinkedIn survey revealed Americans’ top office pet peeve is coworkers taking someone else’s food from the fridge. There were also different annoyances by gender.  In the U.S. 62 percent of women were bothered by “clothing that’s too revealing for the workplace,” while only 29 percent of U.S. men said that was a problem. But the biggest pet peeve overall was “people not taking responsibility for their actions,” said 78 percent of all surveyed professionals.

Everyone gets annoyed in the office, but ever consider that you could be the one annoying them?

We checked out some advice from the little pink book.  Learn some basic office etiquette so you don’t become someone else’s office pet peeve.

  • Clean up after yourself. Put your dishes in the sink and throw out your trash.
  • Dress appropriately.  Learn the company dress code and stick to it.
  • Watch how loud you talk. Keep your voice at a reasonable level. Other people are trying to work as well.
  • Respect a closed door. If a coworker has closed their office door, whether they are busy or not, respect the request for privacy.
  • Watch your language. What you say is a reflection of your professional self.
  • Take responsibility for your mistakes.  Apologize and go about correcting the mistakes.



One response to “Office Etiquette: How Not to Be the Annoying Co-Worker

  1. Great advice. I can’t tell you how many of the people in my office break these rules every single day. Needless to say, I’m the co-worker who quietly stews at her desk irritated by everyone. Oh well; every office has one! 🙂 – Candice

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